Why do they say i'm coloured? my crayon is black.

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Oilstick on crayon on original ledger sheet. Dated: 1889
Size: 21cm x 35cm
Year: 2019

Inspired by work with K2/3 students in secondary and primary education over the years, I have worked in Education as a Head of a Behaviour ARP in Secondary Education. Through this work over years I learned how education was failing young working class boys, in particular boys. I saw how due to an inept system, class, poverty and access to opportunities many boys were being failed by a system that inherently discriminates against them.
Where the boys had the skill set to be a success due to culture ignorance, conscious bias and fear on both sides; many boys were failing. My work in primary schools as a Behaviour specialist bought me in contact with many black boys who were struggling with navigating a system that struggled to understand there needs. Also in many cases the community from which the boys lived, struggled in it’s own ability to manoeuvre around a system that many felt was prejudiced towards them,

The miseducating of the black boy is from an ongoing series of drawings and paintings in response to this topic and issue.

Sojour TRUTH
Abolitionist, Women Rights Advocate
Known for extemporaneous speech on gender and inequalities. She died 22th November, 1883 (Aged 86)