Soul Sista

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Oil, vintage rusty nails on sourced oak beam from derlict barn, circa 1700’s.
Size: 21cm x 57cm x 9cm
Mounted on oak plynth.

Inspired by African masks, objects and carvings. This is a sculpture produced using materials that at some point had a clear function.
During my travels around the U.K. and the SE of England I am always on the lookout for wood namely oak or a hard wood that I can use to create a piece of art. I usually come across a piece where it finds me, or I may get a call from someone who has sourced a piece and gifts it to me. I make contact through my visit to antique fairs which I visit around the country. The challenge for me is to create a piece of art using the basic of materials. Incorporating nails that have rusted is imperative.
The craftsmanship of the masks from the different continents of Africa are huge source of inspiration.
Masks from Gabon I find hypnotic and objects of outstanding beauty.

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