Soul Brotha

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Oil on Icone & Legno Geso primed panel. (Lime wood)
Tray box framed.
Size: 18cm x 21cm x 6cm
Year: 2020

The lockdown has been a very inspiring and creative time in that it has allowed to me to explore my love of painting. I am big fan of neo- expressionism as well as portraiture and figurative work. Due the period from April - November 2020 I have been reconnecting and exploring my relationship with the brush. Folk Art albeit objects and paintings have always been a strong influence that inspires my work. Drawing and exploring line and composition is a key factor in my practice. Working with traditional materials and espeacially wood is a slight nod to the traditions of the past.

My subject varies in my work, however an objective in my paintings is for the viewer to look at a piece of art that has power and resonates.

In the painting Soul Brotha I am drawing on my observational drawings taken from photos of blackmen in USA, Harlem in the 1970’s. The period of Funk and the infamous Foxy Brown. The infamous Blackploitation movies of the period presented an image of a blackmen who was cool and enigmatic. Soul Brotha is a nod to the men who defined an era

Painting will be shipped with a COA.