Soul brotha.

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Inspired by a 1930's Sundanese man I found, Painted on an original ledger sheet dated 1894. This makes the sheet 126 years old. Queen Victoria was still on the throne and ruled the Empire. The 1st Matable War was in 1894. This was also the year that:

1. 1st college basketball game, University of Chicago beats YMCA 19-11
2. 1st public showing of Thomas Edisons kinetoscope (moving picture)
3. Decision made to hold modern Olympics every 4 years.
4. London's Tower Bridge opens
5. British explorer Frederic Laggards expedition to Niger.
6. London taxi driver George Smith is the first to be fined for drink driving.
7. Ohio national guard kills 3 lynchers while rescuing a blackman
8. Coca Cola sold in bottles for the 1st time
9. Manchester City football club formed in England.
10. Blackpool Tower is opened in Blackpool

Size: 28cm x 39cm
Medium: Tea, crayon and oilstick
Year: 2019

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