Smooth at the Speakeasy

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From the series of dip pen drawings of Jazz and Bebop players. This is one of 10 drawings produced from memory whilst in lockdown due to Covid 19.

The Harlem Renassciance was about giving a voice to the experiences of African Americans, and nothing gave expression to the African American experience better than jazz. Jazz evolved from slave work songs,spirituals (religious Black American folk songs) blues, brass band music and ragtime. Jazz more than any other music, has been intimately linked with legal and social equality for all, particularly African Americans.

Medium: Ink, gold paint, embossed signed and wax seal. Box framed, float mounted with museum glass.
Size: 30cm x 21cm
Paper: Somerset, 180gms, boxed framed in museum glass. Float mounted.
Date: Sept. 2020

Shipped internationally with certification in a small crate.