Schwartz, Noir, Black, Negro INK

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( Schwartz, Noir, Black, Negro Ink )
Limited edition print available in 1 sizes. A1. Each print is handfinished, embossed and signed. The print is from the series of drawings on ledger sheets (circa: 1840 - 1960 )

Many ancient cultures around the world have independently discovered and formulated inks for the purposes of writing and drawing. The knowledge of the inks, their recipes and the techniques for their production comes from
archaeological analysis or from written text itself. Ink was used in Ancient Egypt for writing and drawing on papyrus from at least the 26th century BC. The history of
Chinese inks can be traced to the 23rd century BC,[citation needed] with the utilization of natural plant (plant dyes), animal, and mineral inks based on such materials as graphite that were ground with water and applied with ink brushes. I use ink to draw and to write and I collect old ink bottles. Over the years black ink has become synonymous with quality and tradition. Previous negative connotations of the word black are celebrated and shown in cultural variation and in a positive light.