Ltd Edition Zine

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Ltd Edition Zine 35 only.
8 pages.
Full colour. Embossed front cover.
Size: A4 produced in July 2021

Stephen Anthony Davids is a fine artist, known primarily for making portraits in paint or ink using rare and unusual types of paper as well as found objects. His work provides observations of social history - rooted in present day London and paralleled with other cultures and eras - addressing questions about inclusion and equality, in relation to race, gender and socio-economic status. Davids’ paintings and drawings are immediate, personal expressions, a result of his compulsion to work in the moment. On the other hand, they are also cumulative, amounting to an interrelated body of work that is like an archive: an accretion of artistic, cultural and historical material manifest in paintings on surfaces and objects that enhance the symbolism. Solitary figures are David’s primary subject, with a focus on the eyes as a vehicle for communication and expression. The physical traits and social situations that he reflects are memories and observations accumulated from a life full of rich experiences.

This collectors Zine is a accumulation of drawings that give a snapshot of his unique drawing style sense of observation and wit.