Brotha in the Hood.

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Ltd Edition print (15)
Handfinished, Embossed and signed. Printed on 240gsm. Deckled Edge.
Size: 85cm x 117cm
Year: 2021

Inspired by the Soul boys of 1970’s who wore tight polystere flares with heels. Tight shirts open to the chest and a beret. A period in fashion where blackmens style fused a level of camp and unshamable pimp. The early 90’s saw G-Funk and the West Coast sound takes it’s influences from the funk from the Bay in California and the style of the pimp became synonymous with that sound. Fast forward to the 21st century and the polyester shirt has a resurgence as has the flat cap.

This Ltd Edition print pays homage to characters who formed the backdrop to my youth. This series is from a new body of work and direction I am taking. My new work explores masculinity and the ambiguous relationship clothes and style and have on blackmen.