16mm, Blue Movie

£100.00 Sold Out

Crayon on paper
Size: 14.5cm x 21cm
Year: 1 Feb 2020

May 2020
For a limited period these A5 drawings are available at a reduced rate. This ends June 1st 2020.

These drawings were exclusively sold as art cards in Turner Contemporary Museum in Margate. These are being sold without the handmade envelopes. In. box frame and float mounted these looking stunning.

From a series of drawings responding to the plight of the photographer and the camera. Due to the digital age, film took a demise. However, in recent years shooting with film has taken a resurgence.

Due to the interest in my work I am offering A5 originals at a price point that is affordable. Prints are available through my publishers Nelly Duff. I also publish prints when doing collaborative projects with Screen printers

* Please note all images are copyrighted and remain the property of SAD (Stephen Anthony Davids)